2017-18 Speaker Series


The 2018 A.V. Elliott Conference on Great Books and Ideas

March 26-27

The Ratification Debate: Federalists and Anti Federalists


All events will be held in the President's Dining Room in the University Center

Monday, March 26

4:30-5:30pm     Mercer Student Panel

Jacob Harvey, David Stokes, Mayah Waltower

6:00-7:15pm     Murray Dry (Middlebury College)

The Federalist / Anti-Federalist Debate and its Continuing Significance
for American Constitutionalism

Tuesday, March 27

9:00-10:30am     Faculty Panel I: The Terms of Debate

Carey Roberts (Liberty University)

Lynn Uzzell (University of Virginia)

Greg Weiner (Assumption College)

10:45-12:15pm    Faculty Panel II: The Federalist Project

Jeremy Bailey (University of Houston)

Elizabeth Kaufer Busch (Christopher Newport University)

Kimberly Hurd Hale (Coastal Carolina University)


4:00-5:30pm     Faculty Panel III: Applications in History

Roger Barrus (Hampden-Sydney College)

Jon Schaff (Northern State University)

Karl Walling (U.S. Naval War College)


6:00-7:15pm     Michael Zuckert (University of Notre Dame)

The American Founders and the Fundamentals of Governance

April 2, 2018

Douglas Ambrose (Hamilton College)

"A Public Man of the Worst Sort":  Alexander Hamilton's Critique of Aaron Burr

6:00pm in the President's Dining Room


Past Events:

September 18th

Ralph Lerner (University of Chicago):

"Publius: Putting a Good Face on Disappointment"


October 9th

John W. Danford (Loyola University Chicago)

"Human Nature and the Enlightenment"


November 13th

Lucas Morel (Washington & Lee University)

"Frederick Douglass on Race, Liberty, and the American Creed"


February 7

Holly Brewer (University of Maryland)

"How England's Kings Enslaved America"

Charles II